The driver is doing 90 around blind corners, here is what you do to keep your cool and (hopefully) stay alive.

BENJAMIN JENKS HITCHHIKED across the US and [/caption] In my mind this more than qualifies him to pontificate on the virtues of staying calm when riding with crazy drivers.

After all he wouldn’t have completed his odyssey of American slow-verland travel if he couldn’t deal with the occasional nutcase behind the wheel.

So when Ben says he knows how to deal with speed freaks and would-be crash test dummies, my ears perk up.

My forays into the world of hitchhiking have been met largely with failure, public urination and long nights spent in places I would rather not be. Whether I tried to hitch in my own small town or while traveling abroad, my attempts have been met with indifference from my fellow man. Maybe I just don’t have what it takes…or maybe I need to tag along with Ben!

Have you ever hitch hiked? Where did you go and how many crazy drivers did you have to endure?

Video created by Adventure Sauce