Stuart Holt’s crowd-funding campaign hopes to create an interactive experience out of the 200+ interviews from his Most Interesting Person project.

Stuart Holt explaining the Most Interesting Person project. Screenshot from video

OVER THE LAST SEVEN YEARS Stuart Holt has been interviewing some of the world’s most interesting people, always following the interview up with the question, “who is the most interesting person you know?” and then moving on to interview that person, meeting a steady stream of interesting people like following a trail of bread crumbs.

Over the years, he’s followed those trails, traveling not just paths of geography, but paths of humanity, compiling over two-hundred interviews, including videos and print interviews from people around the world.

His next project is to build a whole new way of sharing that information on the internet.

The task of creating a platform that will be able to show both linear and non-linear information is both daunting and ground-breaking.

To make his team’s vision a reality, Holt started an Indigogo campaign to fund the building of a new technology that will make all of that information (and much more to come) accessable to anyone interested in following the same trails of bread crumbs that he has–plus any number of other trails you can think of.

The future of armchair travel may be getting a lot more human, rather than destination-oriented.

Check out the Most Interesting Website Indigogo campaign here.