Michael Halloran, radio DJ made famous by discovering Jewel, Blink 182 and U2, talks about his career and Oki-Dog, the heart of LA’s punk scene.

Michael Halloran. Photo by Stuart Holt

The Most Interesting Person Project is a series of interviews in which each person interviewed gives the name of the person they think is the most interesting person they know. That person then gets interviewed, starting the cycle over.

Michael Halloran, started out as a DJ before discovering such big names as U2, Jewel and Blink 182. One of his secrets to scoping out talent is to grab a bite at Oki-Dog, a frequent hangout of the burgeoning punk rock scene. If you want to find anything, go to the source. And have hotdog while you’re there. You’ll be glad you did.

Video created by Stuart Holt