Popular hot pot restaurants combine kung fu showmanship and traditional Chinese cooking.

THE SKILL OF Shenzhen’s kung fu noodle makers is evident from across the room. A small piece of dough quickly becomes a 9 foot long hand-pulled noodle-weapon, spinning and flying overhead in the hands of a practiced ‘noodle fighter’.

hotpot kung fu

Photo by zaihutong

The hot pot method of cooking – placing meat, vegetables, noodles and dumplings in a simmering pot of stock – is over 1,000 years old but oldest kung fu noodles Youtube video I could find was merely dated 2009.

Once the noodles are sufficiently spun and twirled and the hungry diners are sufficiently awed, the noodles are dunked into the hotpot to be cooked.

Can you in fact kill a man with a piece of yummy,stretchy dough? Will kung fu noodles find its place in the world of mainstream martial arts? The answer on both accounts is almost certainly no. That likely won’t stop the noodle fighters from wielding their delicious, doughy weapons.