Mountain bikers hit some of British Columbia’s sickest lines in every season of the year. A trailer for the film “Life Cycles”.


The passage of time. It slowly breaks parts down both parts of our equipment and our bodies. It shapes the landscape in terms of geologic eons. It shapes us in terms of a lifetime, a year or a moment. Time marches on turning once whole structures into dust. For bicycles, British Columbia’s terrain and climate speed that process up by orders of magnitude. Sharp rocks and wet roots shred wheels and tires. Persistent rain and mud works its way into suspension pivots and bearings, grinding them away faster than 30-grit sandpaper on a stick of butter. Many of the trails are slick, steep and overgrown, shattering body armor and, sometimes, bones. Within all this breakdown comes one glimmering light of reverse entropy: riding here will make you stronger.


Life Cycles

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