Jimmy Chin is the the guy you want on (and photographing) your climbing mission. He makes it all look so easy.

When I finished college I decided I would take a year off and just throw myself completely at climbing and skiing, maybe get it out of my system so I could grow up and get a real job. But I ended up living in the back of a 1989 Subaru Loyale for 7 years bouncing between seasons at Yosemite and Joshua Tree. I pretty much felt like I was living the greatest existence possible.

Jimmy Chin

“It feels like I’m hovering in space,” says Dean Potter, perched on a highline above Yosemite Falls. Gusting winds and blinding mist make it tough to balance on the inch-thick rope 2,600 feet above the valley, but a tether attached to his waist protects him from disaster. Photo: Jimmy Chin/National Geographic. Used by permission.

MATADOR has been following – and admiring – Jimmy Chin’s work and all around chill persona for the last several years.

Back in 2009 we covered his film of the first ascent of Samsara, and later his film of the first ascents of the Ennedi towers in Chad.

A year ago he gave this interview with Matador; it was just on the heels of our photo essay featuring his National Geographic May 2011 cover spread, Daring. Defiant. Free.

If you haven’t heard of Jimmy or seen his work, the video edit above is a sweet little window into his story. Enjoy.

A Video Profile of Photographer Jimmy Chin from Evan Swinehart on Vimeo.