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In the spirit of the 50 poeple 1 Question project Lindsay Clark and Joshywashington ask 50 people;
“Why are you here?

Recently MatadorTV has featured the 50 people 1 Question video project, where average people give personal answers to one simple question. To celebrate 50 people Lindsay Clark and I talk to some folks in our respective cities of Indianapolis and Seattle to ask them;

“Why are you here?”

I meant to have this video up a week ago but through several technical malfunctions, inclement weather and general Acts of God I had to re-shoot three times, pushing my work flow and overall vlog mojo off kilter.

All of this led me to ponder the perseverance that can be asked of the video producer and reminded me of the fact that creating videos and having a strong online video presence is hard work.

This is precisely why quality, consistent independent travel video producers are so special. It takes a lot of work to even produce the simplest vlog, let alone a dope video series.

Assuming that your equipment works flawlessly, your environment agrees with you and all of your shots are in the bag you still have a long road ahead of scrubbing, editing, exporting, uploading, dialing-in and finally promoting your video…

That is why so many people shoot footage on their journey that never sees the light of day, let alone YouTube.

Hats off to all the travel video producers editing and releasing their videos.
You have a friends at MatadorTV who appreciate what it takes to do what you do.

Congratulations to this weeks TVN, Nick Vivion.
Do you know a traveler who produces killer content? Email me, Josh(at) to nominate next weeks Travel Video Ninja.