The traveler reflects in his hotel room on a day of swim, surf and water fall climbing in Puerto Rico.

MY GOAL IN CREATING this video was two fold, play with my new GoPro camera and explore the nature of memory as it relates to the traveler. We take little pieces of places with us. We store our travel memories in our minds but we also store them in other ways, on hard drives, in journals and in jars.

Diving into the ocean, Puerto Rico. Photo by author.

I collect little bits of rock and paper, sea glass, train tickets, sketches.

Just as precious are the gathered gigabytes and jpg’s that help me to remember, remix and make sense of my travel memories.

But in the midst of all my digital scavenging I can’t imagine not bringing home my more tangible treasures of quartz, paper and coin.

Happy collecting fellow traveler!

This video was created for the San Juan Marriott / Diamond PR Vloggers in Paradise film festival.

Video created by Joshywashington