THIS WEEK IS THE UN FRAMEWORK CONVENTION on Climate Change in Paris, an international event geared towards creating a binding universal agreement to help prevent climate change. There’s some hope for an actually decent agreement — one that will help seriously curb some of the worst effects of climate change — but in the past, events like this one have ended in disappointment, as the world’s politicians fail to agree on concrete steps that should be taken.

While this is happening, towns like Dulac in coastal Louisiana are rapidly washing away. Dulac is 3 feet above sea level, and the sea level rise is predicted to rise by 4 feet over the next 85 years. Nearly a quarter of coastal Louisiana has washed away since 1930, thanks to sea level rise and the negative environmental effects of the oil and gas industry. AJ+ put together this great video of what’s happening in Louisiana and how it’s harming coastal communities. It’s a stark reminder of what’s at stake if we don’t get our act together regarding climate change.

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