Fred Norquist and Demshitz head to Chile to run rapids, waterfalls and freakishly-narrow slot canyons. Warning: If you’re caught outside your boat, you drink beer from your shoe.


All the fatigue from hours on a plane, then an overnight bus ride disappear with the thumping of your heart as the water falls away in front of you. The roar in your ears puts you square into this moment. It’s too loud to think. Speed builds as you tip over the edge, falling weightless, waiting for the chill of the water to blast your face. You hit. Water parts as your boat bobs up to the surface. You take a moment, staring up at the waterfall. Then the water pulls you again and you’re off. The walls of the canyon narrow as the pace quickens. They tighten until you have to pull your paddle out of the water, letting the water bat you off the rock walls. The water is nothing but froth as it takes full control. You’re along for the ride.


Fred Norquist