Ripcurl is killing it. In their latest media outing the Ripcurl crew is exploring Indonesia, surfing huge barrels and capturing some of the best sports travel footage I have ever seen.

Tip 2 Tip is a surf adventure across Indonesia, shot beautifully, full of massive waves and incredible imagery.

Ripcurl isn’t alone among the ranks of killer travel video producers that feature top ranked athletes and high quality production. Northface, Redbull and GoPro, to name three, are cranking out content that is setting the bar for sport / travel media.

In this vid the Ripcurl crew surfs a massive tidal bore that drives up a chocolate brown river in Indonesia, something nobody had ever attempted before.

These athletes, brands and filmmakers are not waiting for somebody else to fund and execute sick media, they are forming their own in-house production crews and cranking the videos out themselves.

I am not a surfer, but I enjoy the energy, the enthusiasm and imagery that comes when surf filmmakers tackle the genre from new angles and new locations.

Adventure sports, whether it be BASE jumping, surfing, kayaking, climbing or snowboards are good lenses to filter and present the travel experience. Beyond merely moving through an environment, these crews are interacting with cultures and nature in ways that up the ante for the audience and the filmmakers.

There is also an intrinsic element of stoke that the athletes bring to the screen.

They are not only exploring climate, country and culture, they are exploring the boundaries of what is possible and they bring back stories that ordinary travelers simply couldn’t.

And this welcome trend only seems to be picking up more and more steam.

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