In 60 seconds Cailin O’Neil shows us how she does SF.

I AM A WEST COAST BOY, hence, I love San Fransisco. I love burritos in the Mission, walking dogs through Bernal Heights and strolling down Market st.

I love Cailin’s lighthearted take on a city that is very often the subject of travel videos.

I also can’t stress how much I enjoy the brevity of the vid. I know how hard it can be to create a video that is a minute long, too often the compulsion is to have a travel video that is overburdened by footage and nobody finishes. Kudos to Cailin for keepin it real and keepin it short.

Besides Seattle, SF is my favorite US city. I have visited every year for at least 10 years and find no shortage of things to do, cafes to enjoy, beers to drink and photos to take.

Whether you stroll the streets at night or set up your DSLR to capture some timelapse of that famous fog, there is no wrong way to do San Fransisco.

Video created by Cailin O’Neil

Feature photo by dwyman

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