People worldwide share their ‘one second of beauty’.

HOW MUCH BEAUTY can one second hold? This is the question Montblanc asked users to answer with their short clips filmed from around the world. The compilation shown here are the cream of the crop from the first round of video submissions.

Although the round 2 deadline just passed you can still jump into the action for the last round of video uploads. Need inspiration? Checkout the playlists of seconds already uploaded.

Participants have until Dec. 16th to enter the 3rd qualification round so upload your ‘Second of Beauty’ clips as soon as possible. Your challenge is to create the most beautiful one second video. You can submit up to 10 one-second videos for each of the three qualification rounds.

After a few rounds of voting the person responsible for the best one second is announced, is given a sweet watch and a trip to Berlin to meet photographer Wim Wenders.

There is beauty both subtle and obvious wherever you happen to be, do you know where to look?

Video created by The Beauty of a Second