Arthur Inamov captures not only the look, but the texture of travel through Malaysia.

Screenshot from video by Art Island

THERE ARE A LOT OF THINGS that video does well. Illustrating the sense of touch is not one of them.

The texture of a place can really define it. This video captures coastal Malaysia as a texture-scape shaped by water, from the weathered planks on the dock, to moist, rich soil under-foot, to being dunked into the water itself.

As I watched this video, I could almost feel the sand between my toes, or the rough surface of a wooden boat under my fingers.

I “felt” the rasp of rough crab-shells and plasticky-smooth snakeskin.

What I didn’t get was the scent of the sea in the air or the taste of fresh coconuts. There are some things I’ll have to travel for after all.

Video created by Art Island.