AFTER THE EVENTS LAST WEEK, you have almost certainly seen someone post the hashtag #AllLivesMatter in response to the #BlackLivesMatter protests. The latter hashtag, while also true, misses the point. The #BlackLivesMatter movement isn’t saying that not all lives matter. What they are saying is all lives can’t matter until black lives matter.

AJ+ produced a video to go along with 19-year-old poet Sarah O’Neal’s poem, “An Overreaction.” And in a few minutes, it manages to capture the sadness, the anger, and the injustice of the current state racism in America. So if you have a friend who keeps insisting that #AllLivesMatter, or that the #BlackLivesMatter protesters go too far or are too strident, send them this video.

(And if your friends don’t want to take the few minutes to watch the video, send them this short cartoon instead.)

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