Jonah M. Kessel shows off his favorite shots, showcasing people, textures and the beautiful ordinary.

THE LOCATIONS IN THE VIDEO serve as a short list of places I want desperately to go to. They all seem to be extremely target rich environments for my camera and if vids like this are to be believed, every corner will bring some colorful explosion or quiet revelation awaiting my SD card.

The Philippines keep coming up in conversation and I betcha if I play my cards right I could find myself landing in Manilla in 2012. If anyone in the Matador community has any itinerary advice please hit me up on my community page or in the comments.

Speaking of photo gear accoutrements, I wonder what Jonah is using to capture these gorgeous images? Whatever he is doing he should keep it up, his blog is tight, his work is professional and his site is gorgeous.

Video created by Jonah M. Kessel

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