Los Angeles shows off her holiday dazzle through the glass of a snow globe.

HAS L.A. EVER LOOKED so tame, so joyful, so…so, small? If it has I missed it. This video is the result of a unique approach to a familiar subject and for that reason completely threw me off guard.

As the snow globe gave a miniature clarity to the blur of Southern California lights I leaned forward in my chair and let an ‘Oooooooh’ escape on my coffee fouled breathe.

My second reaction was that of a video junkie, I had to know how they did that. Thankfully, the filmmakers described their process.

‘Snow Globe Los Angeles was created using over 4000 still images shot on a custom built camera rig. The effect was achieved using a Canon 5D MII, a homemade tilt-shift style lens, a light bulb filled with water, and paper cut outs to create shaped bokeh.’

This is just the whimsical inspiration I need as I head out the door to get a very late start on some holiday gift shopping. Wish me luck!

Video created by All Cut Up Films

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