Surfing’s unsung heroes jump into the pounding surf in Dark Side of the Lens, exposing themselves to hypothermia to get some of the sports most unique and inspiring shots.

THIS SHORT FILM EVOKES the chilly, salt misted coasts of Ireland’s underwater photographers. The perspectives captured Dark Side of the Lens are both sublime and raw. The pounding waves as seen unfolding from below, the waving kelp whipping back and forth, the look of ease on the riders faces, all of these images captured by a patient and probably chilly photographer.

‘Raw, brutal, cold coastlines for the right wave riders to challenge. This is where my heart beats hardest.’

Videos like this succeed in letting us into the subjects world. Everything from the slow build of the intro as we see the surf pummel the sea cliffs to the lilting cadence of the narrator lend this short film certain power that makes me sit up in my chair.

video created by Ashtray Films

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