THE BEAT OF NEW YORK from tim hahne on Vimeo.

The rhythm of a street drummer banging on buckets is remixed to be the heartbeat of NYC.

I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO NEW YORK. The images I have in my mind are shaped from movies, novels, second hand accounts, histories, magazine ads and travel videos.
New York is a city that is more than a city. Like the truly great cities of the world, it transcends itself to become an idea, a historical and psychic reference point. Maybe that is why I almost feel like I have been there.

This is the kind of travel video that I am most stoked on right now; street-level, beat driven and so well edited that the 3 minutes of video is over before I know it. Videos that don’t try to prove that something extraordinary is happening, but show you the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

A phat beat can make almost travel video better, faster, stronger. There are times for violins, sure, but good music can make a decent piece of footage better and provide a backbone to support the whole video experience.

Video by Tim Hahne

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