Daniel has always harbored a fantasy of riding across India…but is it just a dream?

IT IS A ROMANTIC and badass notion. To straddle fire and steel and forge a path across a continent is the fantasy, but can it be a reality? Maybe and maybe not, depending on how willing you are to augment your vision to reflect your actual opportunity and ability.

Like me, Daniel Baylis can imagine himself on a bike rucksack in tow riding between the shifting parallax of countryside and cityscape.

When in Vietnam I imagined myself firing up a stout motorcycle and riding the length of the country, but it would never happen. I had to settle for a rented scooter to putt around Saigon and you know what? It was good enough for me!

If there is a lesson here I think it’s that it is good to dream big, to build those castles in the sky, but don’t fail to notice the appeal of second best. Can’t trek the entire Pacific Crest Trail? Take a Saturday to cover 10 miles and count your blessings.

It shouldn’t be all or nothing when tackling your travel fantasies, meet yourself in the middle and you have already made it halfway.

Video created by Daniel Baylis