It looks like a melting tongue and you dunk it in yellow goop…

THIS JAPANESE CANDY is for some silly reason called Kracie Gummy Tsureta Grape. As if it wasn’t enough that the candy is a bizarre concoction of color sugar goop, the name has to be profoundly confusing.

Call me old fashioned, but what the fuck!? This is not candy, this is some frightening transmogrification of candied substances.

I imagine it was created by some mad scientist but it was probably some stoned intern playing late one night in the candy lab. And how much packaging does one gooey pile of slime need? You are left with a pile of baggies and a plastic tray with two utensils after you are finished slurping it down.

This video caught my attention on Youtube and I am not alone. This footage of the mutating candy got over 12,000 hits in the first four days of being uploaded. Not bad for an oozing mass of glop.

If, out of morbid fascination you want to order some of your very own Kracie Gummy Tsureta Grape, be my guest.

Video created by Viral Video Kings