WE (the What Took You So Long? film team) headed to Black Rock City late September last year as “Burner Virgins” to attend one of the most famous annual events of our lifetimes in the desert of Nevada. Burning Man is a temporary pop-up city that has grown into 70,000 people living on participation and giving, creating a unique culture and a whole new world.

One of the most pressing questions on the playa is: What are you carrying with you when…

  1. you need to survive in the desert
  2. you’re creating your own adventure
  3. you don’t know when you will go back home to your camp

We linked up with the Profiles in Dust team to collaborate on video documentation, which led us to think of this filming idea while out on the playa.

Pre-sale registration for this year’s event kicks off Jan 14, 2015. Individual sale registration starts Feb 18. More details here.