German Rail Timelapse from Holger Mette on Vimeo.

Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Cologne, Hamburg and Hanover. Come see Germany by rail.

TRAVELLER AND PHOTOGRAPHER Holger Mette has been on the road since 2007, having quit his job as a lawyer to see the world. I’m glad he did.

In this short 5-minute time lapse video, you’ll get a little introduction to the insanely efficient rail system in Germany. Train travel happens to be what I miss the most about Europe. It’s my favourite mode of transportation, it gives passengers a special look at landscapes you probably wouldn’t see otherwise, and in my part of Canada, it’s entirely nonexistent.

From his website, Veoel Mundo, Mette writes about his own fascination with German rail:

Germany has one of the world’s most comprehensive rails networks. About 41,000 Km of track, 5,400 train stations and more than 20,000 powered rail vehicles are used to transport almost 1.95 Billion passengers for 78.582 billion passenger kilometers each year.

Enjoy the flow of people coming and going, the rush of trains zipping by, and the inner-workings of one of the world’s best rail systems.

Video created by Holger Mette.