Tourist Trophy, Isle of Man from Carwell Casswell on Vimeo.

For over 100 years motorcycle racers have screamed at insane speeds across the Isle of Man to win the coveted TT.

THE ISLE OF MAN has been inhabited since 6500 BC but it wasn’t until 1907 that guys on really, really fast bikes startedputting their asses on the line in a balls-out race around the island.

photo by jonypixel

The racers shown here are going so fast that I had a hard time believing the footage hadn’t been sped up.

Watching the bikes bank into those corners made my butt pucker but it also introduced me to a little chunk of geography that I had not been familiar with.

I don’t typically gravitate towards motorsport vids but the portrayal of the Isle of Man captivated me sufficiently to spend the last 20 minutes on Wikipedia, gorging on information concerning the small island.

Needless to say I ended up ebay searching for Manx Loaghtan ram heads. The species of sheep are native to the island, bred for their meat and they have up to six horns. There were none to be had and so I back-clicked until I arrived at the original Isle of Man Wikipedia page and I started the whole process of link-geeking all over again. So much for learning anything useful, thanks internet.

Video created by Carwell Casswell