Early last March Surf Magazine’s Jimmy Wilson texted a dozen of the best under 18 surfers in the US to randomly ask who’s their favorite surfer. The response came back like you’d expect. Lot’s of John John’s, and a couple Dane’s.

Only one kid went outside the box. He picked Shane Dorian.

As you can guess, that kid was Seth Moniz.

Wilson immediately got in contact with Shane to ask if he would be into surprising Seth by taking him to surf Jaws for the first time. He backed the idea but only after getting permission from Seth’s parents.

It took a little convincing but eventually Tony and Tammy Moniz were all in. They went to Wade Tokoro and had a brand new gun shaped for Seth. It sported Tony’s signature airbrush from his pro surfing career in the 80’s and 90’s which landed him multiple 6th place finishes at The Eddie Aikau.

Nearly a year later, as The Eddie was called off, Shane finally made the surprise reality. He showed up to the Billabong house and handed Seth his new board. “What’s this for?” Seth asked. “It’s for Jaws. We’re going, right now.” Shane replied.

Jaws dropped (no pun intended), bags were packed, they were off to the airport and straight into the evening session.

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