THIS film is about a brilliant climber, yes. But ultimately, it’s about family. And love. As 15-year-old champion climber Kai Lightner says, “You should always have that ambition and that drive to do the thing you love to do.”

Hooked on competition climbing, high school student Kai graduated from crawling up baby crates and basketball goals to push the boundaries of both indoor and outdoor climbing (up to 5.14c). And it’s all been achievable because of the love and support of his mom. Kai says, “She’s just very motivating and she pushes me to be the best I can be.”

It’s clear Connie wants what’s best for her son. Their deal? As long as he brings home the grades, she’ll give him her time, money, and figure out how to work everything out — if that means spending hours with her hands on a belay device and her neck craned upward, fending off bugs, so be it:

“Come on, personal life? I’m a single mom. I have work, I take care of basics at home, and then there’s climbing.”