Visit Colombia’s capitol city in 1946.

Videos such as this give me the dueling sense that we have come light years in travel video productions but not all that much has really changed. Sure, our phones have cameras and we can shoot in formats that would make our 1946 counterparts head spin, but when it comes to what we film and why, things very much remain the same.

We shoot that which is foreign to us; architecture, culture, cuisine and dress. We shoot the things that seem strange, exotic, the things we think people will want to see.

This may be the way of things, but is it the best way? The role of an ‘Other’, an outsider, can never be shirked when filming in this manner. The storyteller will always be outside the action, apart and on many levels ignorant of their subject matter.

Is that our destiny, to always be on the other side of the lens and culture we seek to capture?

Video created by The Travel Film Archive