IN CELEBRATION OF INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day March 8, Youtube has launched a new initiative that will fund and promote the work of women creators around the world. So far, they’ve financed more than 50 videos through this new program, each one focused on the female experience and shot at a Youtube Spaces Studio. Youtube has even launched their studio ‘Spaces’ worldwide and currently have locations in New York, Los Angeles, London, Sao Paulo, Berlin and Tokyo.

The United Nations has also joined the program, appointing seven top female Youtube creators as ‘Change Ambassadors’ and enlisting them to generate work that solely focuses on promoting gender equality. These seven women are Ingrid Nilsen, Jackie Aina, Yuya, Taty Ferreira, Hayla Ghazal, Louise Pentland, and Chika Yoshida. They’ve already started creating and will continue to do so for the next year under their partnership with the UN’s Sustainable Development Action Campaign.

Back at the Spaces studios, Youtube has selected six female creators to serve as mentors and creative directors for its new program. These women are from all different parts of the globe and so far include Anna Akana (US), Alexys Fleming (US), Julia Veiga Faria (Brazil), Em Ford (UK), Nilam Farooq (Germany) and Kuma Miki (Japan). The videos are already rolling out, in multiple languages, and focus on everything from body issues to music videos to a round-up of the worst dates ever. You can keep track of the feed here, but below is a great example of how high-quality and potent this new program is going to be. Here’s a tribute to some of the most world-changing female figures, written, directed, produced and played by women creators.

And as you create your own gender-equality videos, make sure to tag them #womencreate. You might be the next Change Ambassador or Youtube Spaces mentor.