KEN NWADIKE, FOUNDER OF THE Free Hugs Project, started his endeavor at the 2014 Boston Marathon when he offered hugs to racers along the route — hoping that he could give them a little extra strength and encouragement to keep going while also defying the fear that had spread after the previous year’s bombing. Since then, Nwadike’s project has gone viral and received national attention. His message is simple, “Fear and hatred will cease to exist when love is in abundance.”

Nwadike brought this message to two political rallies: Donald Trump’s rally in Wisconsin and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ rally in San Diego. The video begins at the Trump rally where a woman just got pepper-sprayed for supporting Bernie. It then moves into a clip in which a kid in a beanie claims, “Yeah there’s hate, but there’s bigger problems. Ya know?” Nwadike is then shown standing next to a woman yelling, “White is better!” Later, an older man claims he doesn’t want to buy drugs from Nwadike and another woman asks him, “What the f*ck are you?”

So there’s all that.

The Bernie rally is pretty uneventful hate-wise because it’s basically six minutes of people of all ages and ethnicities literally crawling over themselves to hug Nwadike. There’s crying, laughing, a lot of jumping, some interesting takes on group hugs and three separate guys with man-buns hugging Nwadike way longer than he seems to have time for. It’s also worth noting that the police officers at the Bernie rally are more than happy to give Nwadike a hug, while the officers back at the Trump rally told him to move along.