On Our Land is a short documentary that explores the Afro-Indigenous Garífuna culture in Honduras, a culture that formed after a shipwreck left Africans stranded on the islands of the lesser Antilles. With intermarriage between Africans and the indigenous Arawak and Caribs groups on the island, an Afro-Indigenous community began in the area. Once the British took over the islands of St. Vincent and Dominica in the 18th century, they kicked out the Afro-Indigenous community, and sent them to Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras. Thus, the Garífuna culture was created. Honduras now has almost 150,000 Garífuna speakers all together, mostly concentrated in the cities of Trujillo and Limón. The documentary explores how this community can gain more representation and leadership roles within Honduran institutions, and how they can ensure the Garífuna culture and language survives.

The film was directed by Neil Dixon, Erica Renee Harding, and James P. Frazier. Watch the video above to see it in its entirety.