THE FITZ TRAVERSE IN PATAGONIA was one of the few remaining unconquered routes in climbing back in 2014. The jagged line of the Fitz Traverse is exhausting to even look at — a series of seven jagged peaks all along a single ridge, jutting into the sky.

“Someone could think that the people who are going to do that have got to be some grizzled alpinist,” said climber and writer Kelly Cordes, so you wouldn’t have expected the man to conquer it to be Tommy Caldwell, the rock climber who made history last year by becoming the first person to ever free-climb the Dawn Wall in Yosemite National Park.

But Caldwell, along with his buddy Alex Honnold, finished the route in 2014, and, fortunately for us, filmed their entire climb. The trailer for the documentary alone (which is the video we’ve embedded above) is absolutely enthralling, and is worth a watch.