This is what happens when two photographers get a major crush on Lanzarote Island.

Screenshot from video

Claire and Max didn’t know they were going to fall for Lanzarote when they arrived in the Canary Islands.

The volcanic landscapes of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve charmed them, and, somewhere during the 96 hours they spent there, they developed a full-blown, crying-at-your-high-school-locker crush.

Infatuation often creates the best art and this timelapse shows just how much of a kick in the pants fleeting love can be. There’s so much amorous adoration that I also became infected with affection for Lanzarote.

And this is the power of passion while filming a place. Watching this video, I took an island I’d never heard of, and moved it to the top of my mental “visit before I die” list.


Here’s an amusing behind-the-scenes video that shows some of the equipment Claire and Max used to make the video.

Video created by Claire&Max.