Thomasina Pidgeon and her daughter Cedar see that the groups of climbers offer the same neighborly community that she had living in her small Newfoundland hometown.

Home is where the community is. Photo by Misserion

What really makes a home? A house? A street? A mailbox?

Or is it being around people you know and trust? While many of us have a connection to the landscape we call “home” any community of like-minded people who share our interests will become our tribe on the road.

This community-building aspect of travel, adventure and extreme sports is a huge reason they play such a big role in supporting nomadic lifestyles. While the nomadic lifestyle trend is broadening, it’s still uncommon to hear about a location-independent accountant. you’ll be hard-pressed to find an studio apartment shared by four or five accountants to be closer to some sick, uh, spreadsheet lines?

Too bad, too. I’m envisioning an accountant waking up on the couch, bleary-eyed from a night of hard partying, grabbing his 10-key and slipping out the door whispering, “No friends on horizontal analysis day!”

Video created by Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith.