Is timelapse destined to be merely beautiful?

Timelapse is an art that we’ve showcased a lot here over the last two years.

While there’s nothing technically wrong with this timelapse (it’s actually very beautiful), with one exception, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before (the rotating tree / ferris wheel is a nice touch.)

Timelapse for the masses. Screenshot from video

Chadchud Timelapse is a pro filmmaker. This is the guy who you call when you want to put a timelapse in your car commercial. And while we tend to put pros up on a pedestal, they are often bogged down by their clients’ needs.

Most commercial advertising doesn’t push the envelope of an art form.

That job often falls to the independent artists, building their own equipment, and often not giving a rat’s ass about whether their work is going to sell.

Not that I want to be too demanding here, but I want to see something mind-blowing. Either something I’ve never seen before or something familiar, shown in a new way (one thing timelapse excels at.)

Let’s see some underwater timelapse where boats ply the surface and schools of colorful fish dart in and out of a shipwreck. Or something industrial, like a long dolly shot following a piece of equipment down an assembly line.

Consider this a call to all you independent filmmakers out there ready to push the limits of one of the most striking visual art forms.

Bring it. 

Video created by Chadchud Timelapse.