ONE OF THE BIGGEST PAINS IN THE ASS for travelers is getting plug adapters. For whatever reason, even though we all basically buy the same (or similar) gadgets around the world, we’ve all ended up with different plugs. Now I’ve got a pile of adapters that I’ll probably never use again taking up space in one of my drawers at home.

If you’ve accumulated a similar pile, you’ve probably thought at some point, “Couldn’t we just standardize plugs from around the world?”

Of course, then you’d have the debate over which plug to pick, and people can be pretty reactionary toward that type of change. YouTuber Tom Scott is making the case for British plugs being the best in the world. The reason? They’re super safe, well designed, and are hard for a kid to stick a screwdriver into.

Watch the video above to get the full explanation, and then write to your Congressman to get our plugs changed to the British style.

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