AT FIRST, the opening image just looks like an empty large body of water. But if you look closely, you may notice a small detail you didn’t see before. Floating is the winner of the 2015 NYC Drone Film Festival.

The winning filmmaker Florian Fischer says on his website:

“It was great fun to shoot this dronie and a privilege to hang out in such beautiful surroundings. It was on our surface interval at a divespot called ‘Blackbeards Treasurehole’ off the southern end of Eleuthera. Mace swam a few hundred meters away from the boat and relaxed on the surface. Micha was checking the distance from surface to drone while I had the goggles on to frame the shot. It’s always a bit tricky to catch the right moment before shooting the drone straight up in the air. Mace was doing such a great job so we decided to stick to him as our dronie-model.”

For more of Fischer’s work, check out Behind The Mask.