Ute Scheub shows how compost can fix our problems and why life may have been better under matriarchal societies.

Ute Scheub speaks about her life. Photo by Stuart Holt

“PEOPLE, ALSO MEN, in matriarchal societies, live better,” journalist Ute Scheub says. “You can see it on their faces. They are looking more happy.”

Through her work as a journalist with Die Tageszeitung and many other outlets, she has seen enough to be considered an expert on human living conditions. Her argument that matriarchal societies (most of them having occurred in the past) lived happier, better lives is a compelling one. Stuart Holt of the Most Interesting Person Project sheds a little light on her meaning. He says that, in her view, most of our solutions to problems are short-term. Holt says, “Her view is that the matriarchal way of organizing society may offer a longer-term solution to dealing with our political issues.”

Video created by Stuart Holt.