Gitti Hentschel talks about the importance of including women in the decisions made by the UN Security Council.

Gitti Hentschel talks about the importance of women in Security Council decisions. Photo by Stuart Holt.

GITTI HENTSCHEL believes that adding a few women to the governing bodies that control the world’s security issues would add balance to its policies.

“It’s very important that… women can decide as well as participate in peace negotiations,” Hentschel says, suggesting that adding women’s participation is a way “in which you can stop conflicts.” While including a greater female presence may create a focus shift within governments (including the UN’s Security Council) I have my doubts it would result in a more peaceful planet. People with the ambition to climb their way to the top of these types of councils, regardless of gender, often display the same types of aggressive behaviors.

The biggest change might be the types of conflicts that women would commit troops to. With more women in charge, battles over scarce resources and humanitarian abuses may get a surge in military and economic aid. Conversely, there may be a reduction in conflicts fueled by nationalism. This change of focus may well create a more balanced approach. While I doubt it would result in a more peaceful planet, I believe Hentschel is right about the need for more equal representation so that, as Hentschel puts it, “the voices of women are heard… on the political level and make their perspectives influence the processes.”

Video created by Stuart Holt.
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