The Yak Attack continues, with John Huddart capturing Paul Bolla’s epic race through Nepal to raise money for charity.

The going rate for a motorcycle is apparently 40,000 rupee. The plan is to start at first light and I’ll be following in Snow Monkey’s track as he marks out the course. We’ll be leaving well before sunrise so all my gear is ready to go. It will be challenging to shoot from the motorbike but I’m glad of the opportunity to finally be mobile.

Last night’s evening light afforded me my first glimpse of the snow capped Himilayas – tomorrow we begin the climb. In this hot dusty valley it’s hard to believe we’ll be climbing up past the snowline, but the motorbike will certainly make it that much easier.

* * *

Help support the Social Development Centre and Mitrata Foundation for children in Nepal. And stay tuned for upcoming episodes of Yak Attack here at Matador.

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