When I lived in Argentina for two and a half years, my job was to answer the questions and concerns of travelers who were coming to Latin America. Questions often came from female solo travelers. Is it safe? Will I make friends? Is it easy to travel to different places? Let me tell you that I am walking, talking proof that a single lady can thrive in Argentina. There are excursions to sign up for, city life to experience, and a bit of everything for everyone. So the resounding answer is: yes!

From my experience, Argentina is the perfect destination for solo female travelers. Here are just a few reasons why:


Argentinian people are open, very friendly, and accommodating.

While Patagonia has some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, I always felt especially welcome in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital. Argentinian people can be very open and may even invite you over for a home-cooked meal - even around the holidays - especially upon hearing you are traveling alone and have no plans. Remaining open as you travel alone isn’t always easy but the people I met in Argentina, both locals and foreigners, were very social. I met so many wonderful girlfriends who had wandered to Argentina alone and stayed much longer than originally planned either because they fell in love with the city (or, let’s face it, a Latin man).
Photo: Japanese Garden by Joseph Brent