When I lived in Argentina for two and a half years, my job was to answer the questions and concerns of travelers who were coming to Latin America. Questions often came from female solo travelers. Is it safe? Will I make friends? Is it easy to travel to different places? Let me tell you that I am walking, talking proof that a single lady can thrive in Argentina. There are excursions to sign up for, city life to experience, and a bit of everything for everyone. So the resounding answer is: yes!

From my experience, Argentina is the perfect destination for solo female travelers. Here are just a few reasons why:


Argentinian Patagonia is a great solo challenge.

Patagonia is a popular region in Argentina. You can explore the Santa Cruz province by flying into the El Calafate airport. Join a group tour to the Perito Moreno Glacier or easily go explore alone. I stayed at Patagonia Hostel in El Chalten which was full of young solo travelers. The region has a huge variety of outdoor challenges, if you are looking for a rewarding experience spend a day or two hiking the Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy mountains (it’s tough, be prepared!) then treat yourself to a lamb or trout dinner, two delicacies of the area.
Photo: Sergejf


Mendoza is relaxed, welcoming, and home to Malbec.

If you want to stay away from crowds, head north to Mendoza. It has a much more relaxed vibe probably because it’s full of vineyards - more than 1,200 to be exact. It’s easy to grab a map, rent a bike and go tasting the famous Malbec wine. If you are looking for company, join an organized wine tasting tour, they are plentiful and a great way to meet other travelers.
Photo: Javier Colmenero


Argentinian people are open, very friendly, and accommodating.

While Patagonia has some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, I always felt especially welcome in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital. Argentinian people can be very open and may even invite you over for a home-cooked meal - even around the holidays - especially upon hearing you are traveling alone and have no plans. Remaining open as you travel alone isn’t always easy but the people I met in Argentina, both locals and foreigners, were very social. I met so many wonderful girlfriends who had wandered to Argentina alone and stayed much longer than originally planned either because they fell in love with the city (or, let’s face it, a Latin man).
Photo: Japanese Garden by Joseph Brent


Argentina is one of the safer countries to travel to in South America.

One main concern solo travelers have is safety. Crime is a by-product of all urban centres throughout the world, but in comparison to other cities in South America, Argentina is far below the world average on all counts of crime. Buenos Aires is a safe place to travel but because there is an issue with petty theft, the same rules apply as with any other large city: always watch your bag and valuable things and be street-smart.
Photo: Kevin Dooley


No one will think it’s weird for a woman to be traveling on her own.

Buenos Aires is a melting pot of cultures with fairly liberal values, so you won’t attract any unwanted attention for being a woman traveling solo. But if you find yourself wanting some company in the big city, I recommend The Argentine Experience for a well-rounded cultural and social event. The intention of this event is to pull together people from around the world to learn about Argentinian food and wine and share cultural experiences. It’s the ultimate supper club - a perfect atmosphere for meeting new people.
Photo: The Argentine Experience


If you’re in need of space, Buenos Aires has many parks and gardens you can get some alone time.

While finding travel buddies in Buenos Aires is not difficult, there may be times you want to explore on your own and take it all in. Head to the Bosques de Palermo for Sunday sunbathing and a walk through the rose garden. Although the rose garden is popular with locals and tourists, the mornings are quite peaceful and provide a nice escape from the city.
Photo: Kaja Šeruga


If you are looking to socialize and improve your dance moves, you’ll have a lot of fun in Argentina.

Free tango lessons are all around the city and are a fun way to experience the culture, let loose, and meet a mixture of people.
Photo: Kaja Šeruga


Exploring the entire breadth of the country solo is easy and hugely rewarding.

It’s tempting to get stuck in Buenos Aires, especially if you’ve made a nice group of friends. Keep in mind Argentina is a very easy country to navigate, be sure to explore other landscapes. For example, on the other side of the country, nearing Brazil, is Iguazu Falls, an otherworldly place with epic waterfalls and wildlife. Being the massive country that it is, Argentina has too many destinations to recommend. For solo female travelers it’s not only safe, but whether you’re here just a few nights or stay long enough for it to become a second home, you’ll find yourself in great company and experiencing just about every type of landscape imaginable.
Photo: Deni Williams