Hurricane Irma destroyed the Virgin Islands, leaving the island of St. John without power or clean water and displacing many residents whose homes were destroyed and jobs were eradicated, forcing them to move back to mainland USA and build a new life. Marty Bruckner and Lauren Saia met in St. John six years ago, and planned on doing their engagement shoot there. When Irma hit, Lauren was visiting her family in Boston, but Marty was already on St. John with photographer Anne Bequette.

They had no idea of the storm’s impending severity and the fear that everyone would face. Once things settled down post-Irma, Marty wanted to have their love captured amongst the wreckage, signifying what they could survive together. Marty and Anne had rode the storm out together, so it seemed only fitting to trust Anne with capturing this powerful moment. Stepping through broken glass and caution tape, climbing on uprooted trees, sitting atop debris, Anne photographed “Love In the Ruins,” hoping to show there was still beauty in the wreckage.


All photos are courtesy of STJ Creative, and are reused with permission.


All photos are the author’s.

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