“Ghosts of the Arctic was the type of passion project that my boyhood dreams were made of,” says filmmaker Abraham Joffe in the description of the video. Along with filmographer Dom West and photographer Joshua Holko, he traveled to Svalbard (Norway) in winter to “search and document polar bears.”

What is it like to shoot with freezing temperatures (never warmer than -20ºC)? Not easy. “We had batteries that would lose their charge in mere minutes, drones that wouldn’t power up and fly, cameras that wouldn’t turn on, steady-cams that would not remain steady, HDMI cables that became brittle and snapped in the cold, frozen audio equipment, broken LCD mounts, broken down snow mobiles and more,” Joff explains, adding they ”existed on a diet of freeze dried cod and pasta washed down with tepid coffee and the occasional frozen mars bar.”

But despite all this, it was “one of the most rewarding shots” they have all been involved in. We can see why.