Can you imagine surprising a mother Grizzly and her cubs on the trail… and then having them chase you? Experts warn not to turn and run when you see a grizzly bear and try to stay calm – but that’s easier said than done! This is what happened to this hiker a few days ago in Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA. He had just set up camp and was exploring around the campsite for the first time when he encountered a Grizzly bear and her two cubs lumbering up the trail.

Instead of panicking, the hiker not only kept his composure but continued to film and narrate the encounter while walking backwards. Note that he followed proper bear safety etiquette as instructed by the National Park Service. As the bears were aware of him but not engaging him / interested in him in any way, he simply retreated without running away or making eye contact.

Likely they just were looking to get down to the water to feed, and he happened to be in the way. How he reacted may have saved him from a potentially life-threatening encounter.

This video represents the way people SHOULD be in nature: respectful, calm, and, patient. Note how different it was from other high-profile animal encounters this year, such as the Vancouver sea lion that snatched a girl after being teased / fed.

Katmai National Park is noted for Brooks Falls, which sees significant brown bear populations come to feed on salmon, and has observation platforms for seeing the bears up close.