Swiss filmmaker Danya Schwertfeger went to Indonesia to document the social and economic impact of “bomb fishing.” He spent the first couple of weeks traveling through Bali and learning about the different fishing methods and the health of the reef. He found Bali too crowded so headed to West Sumatra. This is what he saw. Locations in the video include:

  • Sequence 1: Banjar, past Bubunan, heading East.
  • Sequence 2: North of Bukittinggi. Agam W.Sumatra.
  • Sequence 3: Past Mt Marapi, heading to Bukittinggi. W.Sumatra.
  • Sequence 4: Just outside Harau Valley (Andalas). W.Sumatra.
  • Sequence 5: Aie Dingin, looking over green tea plantations, towards Gn. Talang crater. W.Sumatra.
  • Sequence 6: Fish farm Danau Beratan, Taban, Bali.
  • Sequence 7&8: Danau Biru (Blue Lake) W.Sumatra.
  • Sequence 9: Moshe Northern Padang. W.Sumatra.
  • Sequence 10: Southern padang, Near Lubukbargalung. W.Sumatra.
  • Sequence 11&12 Kuta Beach. Bali.
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