Don’t try this at home. Or, try it at home, but not if you live in the Grand Canyon. If there’s a chance of falling off a cliff, just stay away from your bike — and from the edge of the cliff, if possible. Unless you’re Vittorio Brumotti, the Italian stuntman and former UCI Trials champion, who seems to have made some kind of dangerous pact with the devil to keep him alive no matter what he does. The above video shows him riding (and hopping) the edge of the Grand Canyon on a road bike.

This is not the first time Brumotti, who apparently is also an IT high school teacher, has risked his life with his bike stunts. His YouTube channel is packed with videos that show him doing things like bike lining Europe’s highest viaduct or riding over cars stuck in a traffic jam in Barcelona (here the danger comes more from the angry drivers than from the risk of falling).