The video above shows images of a summer ski area in Stelvio Pass (9,800’), Italy. Where you see granite, there used to be a glacier, but it has melted almost completely as a result of the heat wave many parts of Europe suffered from last week. named “Lucifer” by meteorologists, it has made multiple regions report temperatures above 100ºF. The summer ski area shown in the video is now closed due to the lack of skiable terrain.

Is climate change to blame? Many European scientists seem to believe so. As Meteo France forecaster Frederic Nathan told Euractiv, there have always been heat waves in Europe. What changes now, he said, is their duration. “We have always had them [the heat waves], but their length and intensity has notched up since the 1950s and 60s,” he explained.

Apart from the glacier on the video, Lucifer has already killed 5 people.

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