We slowly redefine and reshape the travel stories we tell our friends and family when we get back home. The tenth time we tell someone about our recent or not so recent trip, we already have a crafted narrative — we know which anecdotes work, what makes most people laugh, the feelings you manage to transmit. The first time we tell someone what we saw, our narrative is irregular and sloppy, but there’s something more real and authentic about it.

Filmmaker Andrew Norton spent 4 days in the Galapagos Islands, in Ecuador. Just before returning home, he called his wife to tell her about it. What follows is “a tale of trying quasi-adventurous things, Darwin marrying his cousin and riding a tortoise and a kid that can do 1000 kick-ups, among other things.” And, in case you’re wondering, no tortoises we ridden during the making of this film. (Andrew Norton filmed the images, Drew Shannon drew the illustrations.)