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  1. This is so true. Although I don’t travel as much as I should, this is a great reminder. I’m always planning my trips and thinking I MUST see this or that before I return home. I love the part about you meeting your Japanese grandparents. I always get a happy feeling when strangers are so nice. Great read!

  2. In 2009 I went to Paris for my first time since 1996. I think that Paris is my city. I belong to Paris and Paris fits me like any other city i’ve ever visited. So my anxiety was not a silly thing.

    I’ve spent only 5 days. The first day I was blocked. There was so many things and places that I must do or visit that I didn’t know how to start.

    And in the famous bookstore Shakespeare and Co, watching the rain falling over Notre Dame I said to myself. ‘Relax, Jöel. Take it easy and let Paris feed to you’. And I did it. The people, the places begun to arrive in front of me…was a great trip without have a crêpe!!

    Congrats, Ricardo for this article and for putting the eye in this tipical anxiety of tourists.

    And excuse me for my english. It’s probably that some of your followers can develop some anxiety too. ;)

    The cookies monster.

  3. Thanks Emily. When I was in Ankor Watt I tried to get there for sunrise, but arrived just in time to walk into a heavy flow of Japanese tour groups leaving the temple just after the sun had risen!

  4. Really nice post – I watched sun rise over Ankor Watt surrounded by about 17 million other tourists – totally underwhelming! :)

  5. Thanks Scott!

  6. Nicely done! I spent four months in China . . . and didn’t get to Beijing . . . had a pretty good time anyway :)

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