2 responses to A view on dark tourism

  1. Thanks for commenting Scott. I think you’re so right – sometimes if life is busy it can seem like a lot of effort to do the research necessary to really know what’s going on (although I think we both agree it’s worth making the effort). Good luck with your piece! Let me know when it’s published. I’d like to read it.

  2. I think that “We” waaaaay too often do things because we can, and often only learn later that we “shouldn’t have.” We preface tours/etc with words like “eco”, or volunteer and we imagine (takes less time than thinking:) that it MUST be a good thing . . . often, it is not. There are, as you mentioned, our own motives to examine, let alone what our impact might be in such a place of devastation.

    I’m working on a piece with a similar theme/subject . . . your gave me a kick in the butt :) Thank You :)

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