4 responses to Getting the Sand Out of your Shoes: A guide to cope with post travel depression

  1. This is an amazing account of what I went through when I returned to Michigan from a semester in Spain and travels through out Europe. I endured more reverse culture shock than I had expected, but I already am making plans for my next trip. Many of the things you suggested I have already been trying to do more of: making Spanish cuisine, taking small local trips, telling stories to others, and trying to write/scrapbook all of my memories. Although, I find it hard for other people to understand what “reverse culture shock” is like unless they have had a similar experience, I am now just loving life here and awaiting my next trip (and in the mean time, practicing my Spanish). It’s nice to know there are others out there that have this continuous feeling of wanderlust!

  2. Thanks Jephrey! I LOVE your idea about the homemade wall paper. I currently have a box filled with airline ticket stubs, bus and train tickets, sticker, brochures and what not. I never really knew what to do with them, so I might start something like that or maybe do a few framed pieces with them. SoCal, while totally different from Alaska does have some great outdoor adventures pretty close by. I Hope you make it down to Central America, it’s a great place to travel and tickets aren’t too expensive, although everything is expensive when you’re flying from Alaska.

  3. Good stuff!

  4. Well said. I just came back from 3 months in Europe. I then took a 2 week drive around southeast US to catch up with friends and family and to share my stories. After that, I moved to SoCal. I have since wallpapered one wall in my kitchen with all the maps, brochures, postcards, and other souvenirs to keep my travels in the forefront of my mind. And now I am planning my next few trips. Joshua Tree National Park is minutes away. Great for climbing, hiking, and camping. Mt. Whitney will be conquered this year. And, I believe a trip to Central America is on the horizon. I do know the look from friends that have not traveled. They just want to know which place you liked best. Not exactly something I can tell them. Stay warm up there, Suze and keep traveling!

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